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Full Family Engagement


Family NEST

Nuture, Empower, Support, Train

At WISE we understand how important it is for families to have a community of support. Through our family NEST we connect with each other to help build a supportive community of families who face similar challenges. 

The NEST Commitment

Preparing the family

Our team of veteran parents and young adult LSL graduates are eager to assist families along their journey. They understand firsthand the critical role and challenges families face, and are here to Nurture, Empower, Support, and Train families to be effective in meeting the needs of children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Additionally, NEST has a committed professional team that is here to connect families with the resources to ensure the best start for their child.

Parent Engagement

Getting Involved

Parents connect through monthly NEST meetings, local social outings, and annual family fun centered events. The NEST is a place where we welcome families at any stage in their journey. Whether you just learned your infant did not pass her newborn hearing screening, or your son with hearing loss is leaving for college this fall, we are here for you.

Call For Inquiry

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NEST Program Goals

Our goal is to help each family feel prepared and empowered to tackle the challenges ahead of them.

We know that the role of parents and caregivers is the primary determining factor in a child’s success. With NEST parents become comfortable with taking a prominent role in helping their child develop spoken language and listening skills. Parents and caregivers are then confident to become their child’s best advocate. We sponsor a toy and book lending library to help families have materials to work with at home.

Enroll in the NEST Program

Your enrollment process begins here. Please fill out the NEST program form.

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The Woolley Institute for Spoken-Language Education (WISE), is a 501 © not for profit organization dedicated to teaching deaf children to speak. We are a statewide, family focused program working in collaboration with Alabama’s Early Intervention System, local school systems, and private and public entities which advance the education of deaf children who use listening and spoken language.